Sarah Burke, NCTM

Mrs. Burke’s formal music training began at a very young age, and continued through college. Sarah earned her Music Education degree from University of Valley Forge in Phoenixville, PA with piano as her primary instrument and voice her secondary, as well as a concentration in piano pedagogy. She went on to earn her PA Music Education certification and has been teaching piano lessons for over 15 years as well as teaching music in various classroom settings in the States and in Europe.

Sarah has been the owner and director of Pineapple for over four years and thoroughly enjoys her roles of curriculum development, planning events, overseeing staff, and working with new families. Although her background is strongly classical literature, she also enjoys playing pop music and working with chords and lead sheets. Her classroom experiences have helped her to become a creative teacher, and she is always looking for new ways to catch a student’s interest or explain theory in a way that makes sense.


Isaac Strader, Site Manager – Piano, Bass, Percussion

Isaac has over 10 years of teaching experience in various settings and instruments such as Piano, Bass Guitar, and Percussion, as well as classes on Music Theory and Composition. Isaac’s passion is to foster well-rounded musicianship in his students that will enable them to be successful at whatever musical adventure they choose to pursue.Read More:


Vic Davi – Guitar, Piano

While in college Vic, toured for three years playing acoustic and electric guitar in a band setting, while also developing his skills in composition, arranging, and music theory. Victor’s goal for his students is to see them grow to love learning music, have fun, and be challenged every step of the way.Read More:


Devin Doherty – Piano, Brass

Music has been an integral part of Devin’s life from an early age, accounting for fifteen years of trumpet experience and ten years of piano. Over the years, Devin has participated in various orchestras, jazz ensembles, brass quintets, and choirs. Devin’s goal as a teacher is to instill a strong sense of musicianship in his students that will develop into a lifelong passion. Read More:


Jenn Amell – Piano

For the last fourteen years, Jenn has enjoyed playing piano, and guitar for the past nine. Jenn has developed a teaching strategy that focuses on equal parts theory and improvisation. She enjoys teaching piano in a Classical style, but also works to include pop or show tunes in her lessons.Read More:


Nicholas LaMendola – Piano, Percussion

Nick has a love of music theory and composition and works to bring excellence into every lesson. He currently teaches band at West-Mont Christian Academy and directs the drum line at Owen J Roberts High School. Through teaching, he hopes to cultivate a love of music in each student that includes intellectual, emotional, artistic, and social aspects.Read More:

Joseph Civale – Piano, Guitar, Viola

Joe Civale has taught Music and Foreign Language at Princeton Latin Academy, SciCore Academy and Rutgers University. Besides his extensive classroom experience, he has taught piano, violin and guitar privately in the Princeton, NJ area for 20 years. A versatile and seasoned teacher with a kind and friendly manner, he truly enjoys teaching music and providing his students with a well-rounded musical education in conjunction with their instrumental lessons.Read More:

Megan Murphy – Voice

Megan Murphy is a Graduate of the University of Valley Forge where she studied vocal performance under the direction of Dr. William DeSanto, and the tutelage of Sandra Carney. Megan has performed in many different settings and with different professional companies, including Tri-Cities Opera, Summer Sevoyards, touring Europe with the American Music Abroad Association, and Third Day. She also has experience in Solo Performance, Musical Theater, Small Ensembles, and performing with choirs and orchestras.Read More: