• Learn in the comfort of your own home!
• Eliminate the stress of trying to travel to one more activity!
• Start playing at the FIRST lesson!
• Perform in your first recital by just 6 months of lessons!
• Engage in composing, song writing and community performances within the first year!
• Work with teachers who will consider your personal taste and learning style.
• Growth and performance opportunities for every kind of learner and performer!

"Our two young daughters have loved every session which is a true credit to the Instructor's ability to personalize the lesson to the student and their abilities. Communication has been flawless regarding appointment times, expectations for practice, recommendations for music books, etc. The fact that the Instructor comes to the house makes this program ideal, especially for full time working parents. Would highly recommend Pineapple Music Studio!" - Katie S.


All of our teachers travel, or teach online and only teach in their student’s homes! This makes music lessons convenient and attainable for families. It also helps the student to feel comfortable on their own instrument and gives teachers the opportunity to develop a relationship directly with families. Conducting lessons in the home or online also allows parents to hear first-hand how the lessons are progressing and how they can help their student practice during the week.

Despite our unique travel situation, we provide a full range of opportunities for our students! We believe that performing and sharing music is a part of learning to play an instrument. We host two large recitals (each with several sections) a year that all our students are welcome to perform in. Each recital is at a special venue, has a theme, activities, prizes, a reception afterwards and a student take-home gift. These are special events that our students look forward to with great anticipation! Recitals are a crucial part of learning to play an instrument, and they are a fun way to meet other students and showcase what everyone has been learning. We also participate in several community performance events and area festivals throughout the year.

What other things are offered through the studio?

  • Group lessons for all students are offered throughout year as part of our curriculum
  • Free trial lessons to try new instruments
  • Community opportunities to perform
  • WunderKeys Preschool Program
  • Piano festivals and music competitions
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Online invoice data base with easy access to your invoices, credits and payments. Automatic billing is set up at the start of lessons.
  • Access to online notation software
  • Prizes and incentives for practicing and performing


"We couldn't be happier with our experience with Pineapple Music Studio and with the quality and enthusiasm of the instructors. We continue to be impressed with the progress that our children have made both in actually playing piano but also with their understanding and appreciation of music. Pineapple Music does a nice job of weaving in music appreciation and "theory" into the actual playing/practicing. We also love the well organized recitals and various other public playing opportunities." - Chad & Kate

What Can I Expect From Lessons?

Our students enjoy fast-paced land carefully prepared lessons each week and begin playing at the FIRST lesson! Our teachers use a variety of teaching tools, games, activities and creative elements to teach music fundamentals as well as composing, arranging, performing and playing a variety of styles of music to create a well-rounded musician while keeping individual preferences in mind!

Students will be taught how to practice their music, and then be expected to work on that throughout the week.Only by working together (the teachers providing instruction, the students practicing and parent’s holding them accountable) can we achieve students that are moving forward to new levels. We want to take your student as far as they want to go- whether that means learning to play every pop song there is or becoming a concert pianist.
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