Piano, Guitar, Preschool Piano, Music Production, and Songwriting lessons for all ages!

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home!
  • Eliminate the stress of trying to travel to one more activity!
  • Start playing at the FIRST lesson!
  • Perform in your first recital by just 6 months of lessons!
  • Engage in composing, song writing and community performances within the first year!
  • Work with teachers who will consider your personal taste and learning style.
  • Growth and performance opportunities for every kind of learner and performer!

In-Home & Cyber Lessons

Our teachers come to your home, so you can be doing other things around the house while your student has their instrument lesson! We offer piano, guitar, bass guitar, song writing, and composition & theory lessons for all ages- Preschool to Adult!

Flexible Curriculums

Our curriculum is flexible but carefully managed to include learning music fundamentals, composing, arranging, performing and playing a variety of styles of music to create a well-rounded musician.

Special Performances

We believe that performing and sharing music is a part of learning to play an instrument. We host two large recitals (each with several sections), a year that all our students are welcome to perform in.

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Music LESSONS delivered to your home!

Pineapple’s experienced teachers come to you to bring quality music lessons that are personalized for your student,
while offering all the opportunities of a large studio. Students will begin playing at the FIRST lesson!
Take advantage of these other opportunities:
  • Group lessons for all students are offered throughout year as part of our curriculum
  • Free trial lessons to try new instruments
  • Community opportunities to perform
  • WunderKeys Preschool Program
  • Piano festivals and music competitions
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Online invoice data base with easy access to your invoices, credits and payments. Automatic billing is set up at the start of lessons.
  • Access to online notation software
  • Prizes and incentives for practicing and performing
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